This means war!


Photo: Eurocopter

There were hopes, that autonomous vehicles would coexist with drivers. However, some days ago the Audible company (subsidiary of Amazon) opened the gate and the flames highlighted the “Lasciate ogni speranza” statement:

What does it mean? It means we are at culture war. What has to be stressed, is the fact that a culture war requires rejecting physical violence. If somebody uses such measures, he or she admits losing the war.
Sneer is the ultimate weapon. We need at least as much wits, as Jeremy Clarkson pitted against John Prescott. And if the high society of the IT industry stops Clarkson from speaking out for human driving (as he works for Amazon), we need to have new leaders.
The fight has to be bloodless, yet ruthless, as we are as different from these people as conservatives are different from liberals. We have to show the autonomous vehicle endorsers as screen-sucking zombies who treat “1984” as a handbook, or they will stigmatize us as potential murderers.

(C) by Andrzej Szczodrak

Elon Musk’s secret strategy to be completed with the new Tesla model A6

Tesla Roadster

(Photo by Alexandre Prévot)

After the premiere of the compact executive Model 3, Tesla Motors’ premium EVs range is almost complete. Our insider admits that Elon Musk’s automotive company intends to show just one more vehicle- the mid-size luxury sedan called “Tesla model A6”. Here is a short interview with our Tesla Motors insider (TMI):

TMI: Nobody noticed that we have deliberately chosen some names associated with established luxury automakers. The Model S was an obvious sign that we want to challenge Mercedes. Then, we made fun of Infiniti and their usage of “Q” and “X”. By the way, do you know, when will they get their QX-step remix of GLA?
Now, we would like to provoke BMW with our Model 3. We thought about some action to irritate Lexus, but we realised that we had already thrown the Toyota’s engine out of Lotus Elise. So only Audi is left, and we will soon make up for it. The Tesla model A6 is really going to make them nervous!

Motofiction: Oh, wait. What about Jaguar, Alfa Romeo and Acura?

TMI:  If they sue us, we will have to invent something…

Motofiction: Well, they may feel omitted after you unveil the real explanation of the TESLA acronym.

TMI: Yeah, it’s funny how people still believe in this fairy tale about being inspired by Nikola Tesla!


TESLA- Trolling Every Single Luxury Automaker.


(C) by Andrzej Szczodrak